BALE Announces Top Five Teams for the The Final Stage

The Top Five Teams that will move on to the Final Stage of the B.A.L.E. Competition (in no particular order):

1/0 Design Collective (Philippines)1 0 Collective

Jan Carlo San Luis

Angelo Ray Serrano




3rd Cube Design Architects 3RDCUBE + RS (Philippines)

Jason Centeno

Cesar Augusto Concio III

Virna Liza Padua

Raymond Sih

Mar Lorence Ticao

Handel ArchitectsHandel Architects
(Hong Kong)

Alfred Chan

Thitinart Kaochim

David Kilpatrick

Edward Tachibana

May Tsang

LA Gan AssociatesL.A. Gan Associates

June Bawisan

Dino Estrada

Louwie Gan

Jesus Hallarsis

Ron Pingol

Planning for Harmony IntegrationPlanning for Harmony and Integration

Ma. Criscia Alonte

Juan Miguel Buna

Berlin Gaile Gascon

Olivia Lauron

Rosalyn Veneracion

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